The shift in personal and global consciousness is changing at an accelerated pace.  It is time to decide how we want to move forward in the days, weeks, months, even years ahead.

The purpose of this website is to help guide that decision. All of us will be making choices that will impact the life we are choosing to live now and in the future.  It's important that our choices be balanced and come from the heart, and we can do this together in a heart-centered community.

Through classes, workshops, retreats, and expanded instruction, we will create a higher, lighter energy on the planet.  Energy is the prime source of creativity.  The heart energy will support a nurturing, yet joyful awakening.

This will be, I promise, a Journey of a Lifetime.  Explore my website.  I hope to inspire you to make the choice today that will open new windows and doorways to a future of the heart and mind together.  Now is the hour...  

Darleen Miller

Visionary Author. Coach. Life Healer.

The Four Elements + Light

Welcome to the One Heartbeat Worldwide Community, a source of unconditional heart energy, providing an online place to gather in the worldwide community through self-help products, media, and events.


what is a miracle?

Please watch the video entitled "What is a Miracle", presented by Darleen Miller

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