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Embrace a new way of thinking and join the Wisdom Evolution! These four principles are the key messages upon which all my teachings are based. They will help you change the way you feel and think.



The heart is your personal energy source and supplies the divine connection to your inner self. The heart also blends spirit, mind, and body to create harmony in life.

As an internal organ, the heart carries lifeblood through the body. Its rhythmic pumping creates a beat. The joy we each seek is within that quiet sacred energy of one’s own heart. We just need to learn how to listen.

When you listen to your heart and understand its energy, you can make the choice to experience a new journey of a lifetime. My goal is to present information that touches your heart and soul, to help you create a new window of opportunity and energy awareness.

Someday you will fully recognize love instead of fear. Your inner energy—fueled by the blending of spirit, mind, and body—will become receptive to ideas and inspiration that lead to true enlightenment. Let the vibrant beams of heart energy unify all of us in a community of love and light!



Meditation is one of the most meaningful ways to bring balance into your life. You can meditate on your own or by following a spiritual guide. Many people benefit from incorporating routine meditation into every single day.

Harmony... equilibrium... just reading the words can bring calm to the moment. Achieving emotional and physical balance isn’t a mystery when you choose to accept your own light.​

I believe we can change the energy patterns on the planet one heartbeat and one thought at a time. With my help, you can open new doorways of light that will ultimately lead to good health, happiness, and harmony—not just for you, but for all of us. 

Balance is the key. The balance occurs through our choices concerning the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels of our lives. Every human being possesses both masculine (active and aggressive) and feminine (passive and nurturing) energy… and how you balance the two is one of the most important choices you make each day.


For example: When you want to make a point, your masculine energy takes charge: You speak emphatically, raise your voice, and gesture wildly. But your feminine energy is present in your choice of words and facial expression. Similarly, when you want to express compassion, your feminine energy becomes dominant:
You lower your voice, offer a consoling hug, nod your head. Your masculine energy guides the conversation and helps arrive at resolution or next steps. Being able to show both sides of yourself, and blend each energy source, is how you establish balance.


In our world today, the tension, conflict, and fear from masculine energy sources often creates imbalance.
We must each bring more feminine energy—in the form of openness, understanding, wisdom, empathy, and unconditional love—to the forefront to restore balance in our world.



You are not alone! The world depends on participation by all of us. And when we come together, we become stronger and better versions of ourselves, which improves our health and happiness.


My goal is to bring the people of the world together, creating hope and inspiration right here and right now, for this moment in time and for future generations to know the power of the healing light force.


Let’s put the focus where it needs to be: To create a united civilization for the good of all concerned. These will be stepping stones toward balance, peace, and harmony.


We are all reflections of one another. Everything in our future depends on the choices we make today. You have nothing to lose—and everything to gain—by joining the community and knowing all things are possible. And together we can do SO much more than any one of us could accomplish on our own! Read more about My Community and how you can join me in this important work.


How you approach each day really does make a difference. Look for the positive inspiration that empowers your choices and attitudes, so that you can create, grow, and flourish.


A shift in personal and global consciousness is changing our lives at an alarming rate. But you can become a bridge to a higher reality, and also inspire others to join you in that journey:


  • Make choices for a peaceful life

  • Understand a shift in energy in this Age of Light

  • Create topics of discussion that foster learning and growth

  • Discuss how to live in this moment in time

  • Cultivate your spiritual awareness

  • Develop techniques to release fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, and worry

  • Recognize the importance of gratitude and joy

  • Unite the energy of your heart and mind to create a higher vibration in the ongoing journey of a lifetime

  • Answer those most revealing questions:
    “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

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