On this page, you’ll always find the latest news and information about me and my teachings, and how I can help you on your personal journey toward spiritual awareness, balance, harmony, and light. This page will be updated often, so check back periodically.


I also rely on input and ideas from my Community to help guide my offerings and the things I post online via my website and blog or via my Facebook or LinkedIn pages. What do YOU want to learn? Send me an email to let me know!

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My open chat sessions, formerly known as Tea Time with Mama, offer a casual exchange within members of my Community. Chats are open to anyone who wishes to dial in. Usually, I will pick a topic to get the conversation started, and there will be time for you to ask questions on other topics too. During each chat session, you can participate as much or as little as you want—it’s entirely up to you.

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Listen to me on the radio!


This recent Hay House Radio recording entitled “The Gift of a Spiritual Path” interviews several authors, including me! We talk about our life experiences and the books we’ve written to share those experiences with others. You’ll hear about the inspiration for my book, YES! It Really IS All About Me: The Journey of a Lifetime, and other tales about my personal journey. About 9 minutes long.


Upcoming classes, webinars, and special appearances are listed with as much advance notice as possible. When remote participation is available, it will be noted. And if you’d like to invite me to your community for an in-person training session, please email me with a specific request.


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Choice tidbits—audio or video clips, musings, blog posts, and more—are always
being added to my website or my Facebook and LinkedIn pages. They are little gifts from me to you, intended to inspire, entertain, or invite you to explore something new.

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This website incorporates many interactive elements to help you explore your interests and understand my teachings. You’ll find inspiration and meaning in all of these places:


There are so many ways you can stay connected with me and my Community. Join in, and you will continue to receive the ongoing insights and inspirations I share. Follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn, sign up for my newsletter, read my blog, and explore this website. The more you read and do, the more you will learn and grow!