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Darleen's Misson

Energy is the prime source of creativity. There is positive energy—the kind that lifts you up, fills the world with good deeds, warmth, and love—and there is negative energy, which creates tension, discord, and strife. By learning to acknowledge and channel your positive energy and combine it with other positive energy sources, you help diminish the effects of the negative energy that has been unleashed into the world. Finding the balance of energies is the key to a happy, healthy life.


My goal is to help you look for and incorporate the ideal mode for you to experience healing and build consciousness of your own energy. I will guide you along the journey toward understanding and knowingness... and help you discover, for yourself, who YOU are and why YOU are here.


Darleen's Story


Humble beginnings have given me a purpose in life. I was an only child who lived with three generations outside Washington, D.C. With much love, we survived together in the very unsettled energy of World War II, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, and other political discord.


As I got older, taking care of my parents and grandparents became second nature. Caregiving eventually extended to my children, many friends and neighbors, and even my husband, who suffered several chronic illnesses later in life.
I found companionship, activity, and positive energy in sports and religious activities.

Darleen talks about the unique medallion that mysteriously appeared, disappeared, then reappeared to renew her faith in the presence
and power of energy in the universe.

I was a military wife of 20 years, caring for my husband and family in times of crisis, economic downturn, and personal loss. I raised three active and ambitious gifted and talented children, learning to live one day at a time and also celebrating every one of their accomplishments, big and small. I also celebrate my own accomplishments: In 2005 I received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the International Society of Poets for my poem, Universal Hope.

Darleen's Epiphany



As a young girl, I was the only girl on a baseball team. One day, as I slid into second base, I injured my leg. With gravel under the skin and blood flowing down my shin, I instinctively put my hand on the growing lump and purplish bruise that was beginning to form. Almost instantly the pain began to subside and the bleeding stopped, and when I removed my hand, I noticed that my handprint was clearly visible in the wound.


My mother quickly quelled any suggestion I might possess special healing powers, warning me to “never, never, ever” speak of the incident for fear someone might think I was a witch. Naturally I obeyed, and as my wound healed, I let the experience fade into the recesses of my memory. Yet that moment in time, it turned out, was an unsuspecting turning point in my life.


Decades later, when my young son broke his arm, I was sitting with him in the hospital waiting room with my hand on his elbow. The doctor reviewed the x-rays and pronounced a very bad break. But despite the severity of the injury, my boy was not in any pain; in fact, he told the doctor, “Mom took the pain away.” In that moment, I remembered how I had similarly healed my own injury all those years ago, prompted by the touch of my hand, and began to recognize the healing possibilities of my own energy. That defining moment helped me realize who I am and why I am here.


From that moment forward, I began an earnest exploration of human energy—the forms it can take, how it is stored and released, and its infinite power to transform. My studies and teachings support one important truth: There is no energetic separation of the spirit, mind, and body. They are all one, with energy flowing freely between them.


Through sports, religion, family, and schooling, I became an ongoing student of life. My formal education at Frostburg State University in Maryland culminated in a degree in Education, and I also completed extensive post-graduate study in English, Psychology, Music, and Spirituality. I have studied Eastern healing disciplines, including yoga, meditation, massage, Tai Chi, acupuncture, and sound and vibrational healing, and spent countless hours with renown spiritual gurus such as Karunamai and Mother Meera, and master teachers and healers like Caroline Myss, Depak Chopra, Dr. Norman Sheely, Dr. Eric Pearl, and Jean Houston.


An active Reiki practitioner, I carry the distinction of Master Energy Healer and created a new energy healing technique called Transformational Healing. I teach classes in Ayurvedic principles, deep relaxation, meditation, energy awareness, Kundalini yoga, Reconnective healing, Evolutionary Reiki (ER), and Transcendence technique, among others. I work to empower the individual quest for peace, good health, enlightenment, and abundance in a fear-based and stressful world.

A Student of life

Years of ongoing training in healing and energy work have inspired me to share my life experiences. After losing several family members, including my husband of 47 years, a period of sadness/emptiness led me to realize I had forgotten to take care of myself along the way. 


Making sure other caregivers don’t overlook their own needs has become an important focus of my life’s work.
I became devoted to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for all caregivers and published a book for all people who find themselves in a caregiving role.
Yes! It Really IS All About Me  is an inspirational,
hands-on guidebook to support good health of the mind, body, and spirit.


My caregiving focus means I constantly put the needs of others before my own. My mission is simple: To inspire and guide others to acknowledge their own energy, combine it with energy elsewhere in the world, and come together in mindful awareness to channel positive energy into creating light and harmony for all.




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Darleen's Team


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