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Spin Wheel

How you approach each day really does make a difference. When you look for the positive inspiration that empowers your choices and attitudes, you can create, grow, and flourish.


This exercise, both small and mighty, lets you combine your own energy with the magic of technology to identify your path’s theme for the day. There is no wrong result... only the right result for you on this day and at this time. (Yes, if you desire a different result, you can always spin the wheel again.)


  1. Ask yourself: What inspiration do I need to find today? Putting your mind in the mode of
    asking—and then receiving—will render the most impactful results.

  2. Spin the wheel by clicking in the center. The Universe will randomly deliver an important inspirational message that is just for you. This message will not only inspire your attitudes and behaviors for the rest of the day but also holds the power to heighten your Spiritual Awareness.


Start each day with a spin of the wheel...  or return frequently throughout the day to receive more inspiration. Whenever you need that little external insight, the wheel will be here to help!


The Wisdom Evolution or WE Wheel shows you all the facets of human existence that contribute to our collective wisdom. Any point on the wheel provides inspiration to achieve and maintain positive energy balance and act as a force for wholeness.


In today’s world filled with drama and instability, we often find ourselves leading a life where compassion has been diminished, where integrity and honesty are being challenged with each passing day, where we focus on the differences between people instead of their similarities. We’re simply too busy—or too bombarded with trials, opposition, and other stressors—to even notice that we’ve forgotten all about the gentleness in the soul of mankind. So we need to make a conscious choice to move forward, not backward.


Which is why we need a Wisdom Evolution—a way to “reboot” our thinking. The Wisdom Evolution is all about achieving balance, about seeking that which is helpful, nurturing, positive, and constructive. About embracing the things that help us achieve happiness and a more fulfilled life. Change your mind, change your life.




Masculine energy, which is characterized by aggression and passion, must be balanced by feminine energy, which includes awareness, understanding, and gentleness. Only by combining both energy expressions can we truly breathe the kind of unity and wholeness that leads to a clearer vision and understanding of life.


The foundation of Wisdom Evolution, or WE, will help create a new community of people who are reacting and sharing in honest communication and respect and building more bridges heart to heart. Together, WE care. Together, WE can!





If WE change our minds and our attitudes, WE will change our whole existence. WE will be able to focus on the gentle energy of the heart that will ultimately create personal and global balance in life. It is up to each of us to act—proactively, not reactively—and thrive in a light that will uncover new truths and wisdom for optimal survival. A path of personal and global peace is possible... and WE can lead that charge!

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