Best-selling book of inspiration, support, and activities for caregivers. Paperback, 132 pages.

YES! It Really IS All About Me: The Journey of a Lifetime

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  • Are you a caregiver? Have you sacrificed your life to help others? Is the control of your life in someone else’s hands?


    YES! It Really IS All About Me is an interactive diary-style workbook that guides you, step by step, through self-realization and self-nurturing. You will use holistic approaches—physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual—that will enable you to be successful in caring for others as well as yourself.


    The Caregiver’s Resource 
    I spent many, many years of my life caring for close family members and other loved ones. My passion for teaching, writing, and healing unite in this tool to help fellow caregivers embrace a new awareness of life.


    This experiential guide is a reflection of my own self-exploration and caregiving experiences. I helped myself, and I can help you, too. There is a dream within your heart that was meant to come true. Make it happen and experience the journey of a lifetime!


    Praise for this book:

    “Wow... I wasn’t expecting this to be so thought provoking. Even if you are not a current Caregiver (yes—capital “C” because the role deserves that respect), it could be a jewel for your family in years to come.” –Anonymous


    “We all know the feeling being a little lost in life. Like drowning in the things you have to do for everybody else... because they are a lot more important than you, and they need and deserve a lot more care than you do. This book will help you reach out before you actually hit the bottom. Do yourself a favor, and let this book help you learn to love and take care of YOU. You will have to do some thinking, but it is worth it. My compliments to the writer, Darleen Miller.” –Anne Marie M., Denmark